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August 5, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Why does he sleep so much!?
Seriously no one sleeps as much as Greece does. I represent the country of (C/N) and as I'm sitting at another pointless world meeting, all I can do is stare at that gorgeous hunk of greek man. He had his shirt about half unbuttoned revealing the smooth, toned, chest underneath.

Dear god I'm actually starting to drool. I finally took my (E/C) orbs off of him and looked to see the others gathering their things and leaving. Happy the meeting was over I began thinking about the nice long shower I wanted to go home and take to help relieve the irritating ache between my legs.

Flicking a piece of my (H/L) (H/C), over my shoulder I stood up only to be stopped by the man who had my attntion the whole meeting.

"Hey, (C/N)?" Greece asked me.

"Uh is there something you need Greece?" I responded.

"Yes, I was wondering way you were staring at me the whole meeting. Were you considering stalking me or something?" He said with a laugh. Well, now seemed like the perfect time to get an anwser to my question.

"Haha no, I'm not Turkey." He laughed at that. "But I was wondering something about you."

"What would that be?"

"Why do you sleep so much? And if you sleep so much how are you tired all the time?" His eye's widened for a moment then he... smirked? By now everyone from the meetin had left so we were completely alone.

He put his hand on the table bhind me on either side of me and leaned forward so I had to almost lay on the table on my back. I couldn't help but to blush at how close he was. Also this postion wasn't helping the fact that I wanted him to just sex me up on this table right here and now.

Well who am I to deny a gorgeous greek who want's me so bad.

-----------------------FLYING MINT BUNNY TIME SKIP-----------------

Greece  had me slammed onto his hotel bed before he even got the door closed. He went back to close the door and locked it then came back to the bed straddling me.

He impatiently brought his lips down to mine, not even bothering to ask for entrance, not like he needed to anyways. When his tounge rubbed against mine I let out a soft moan.
After he was done raping my mouth I pulled back asking him. "Greece, not that I'm complaining but how does this anwser my question?"

He had started nipping, kissing, and sucking at my neck. "The reason I'm so tired all the time is because Greece has the highest sex rate in the world."

I smirked at this. "So that mean's you get laid even more than France?" I joked.

"That's exactly what it mean's. Now as lovely as your clothes look on you I'd much rather see them on the floor." And with that he began stripping me. He yanked my skirt and heel's off, and unbuttoned my shirt before I stopped him.

"Greece I thi-"

"Heracles, my name is Heracles."

"Well Heracles, I think you need to lose some cloths too." I said as I reached down to his belt. I pulled his shirt and pant's off. We finished undressing until we were both naked.

He lookd me up and down.

"Did you know your beautiful?"

"Did you know you look like a greek god?"

"Haha, I'm flattered."

"I think we've talked enough, don't you?"


He leaned down to kiss and suckle the sensitive bud of my breast.

"Aahh, Heracles." I moaned

He releasedd me as I grabbed his manhood and gave a sharp tug. "Hhhnnn (name)." He snatched my wrist and pulled my hand away before I could pleasure him farther.

I looked up at him confused as to why he stopped me.

"I would love for you to pleasure me but I can't wait any longer." He said breathelessly. I nodded agreeing with him.

Just as he postioned himself he stopped. "What are you waiting for?" I practically yelled.

"I was wondering if you were a virgin because I don't want to hurt you." He said thoughtfully.

"Aaaww Heracles that's sweet and to anwser your question no I'm not."

After I anwsered he didn't waste anytime thrusting into me. I didn't feel any pain just pure and utter pleasure coursing through me and all I could do was groan along with him. He set a steady pace thrusting in and out, bucking his hips into mine as I matched his pace.

"S-so t-tight (name), UGH! Are you s-s-sure your n-not a virgin?" He moaned out.

"I-m pretty su-AH-re. Ooohhh Heracles!" I shouted

As I felt the tension filled knot in my stomache getting tighter, I felt Heracles pace get faster. But it wasn't fast enough for me.

"Go faster-r-r" I begged.

"Say my name first."

"H-h-h-eracles!" I screamed.

"(n-name)!" Heracles thrusted faster.

He snapped his hips against mine one last time before the tension in my stomache snapped as well.

"(name)!" "HERACLES!" We both yelled each others names one last time as he let his seed into me.

We began to catch our breathe after coming back down from our high. He pulled out of me, to which I groaned in displeasure at, rolling onto his side pulling my into his arms.

"That was amazing (name)." Heracles, my new lover, sighed.

"Yea it was.... Hey Heracles?"

"Hhhmm." He hummed tiredly.

"You should really make me this tired all the time."

"(name) in the future I'll make you so tired you'll be dropping into a dead th world meetings from now on."

........ I could get use to that.
.... In all honesty I thought it was going to be Prussia, Spain, or England that took my writing virginity... NOPE it was Greece. I'm not even a fangirl girl of him! *sigh* oh well.
Okay so this is my first lemon. Yes I now it sucks, no theres nothing I can do about the suckyness sorry. XP

I dont own Hetalia
I dont own Greece
I already have enough hoes so I have no need to own you
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